second fots

Between everything you want,
Is something you thought will not be there.
Stupid expectations ought to catch you off guard.
Or is it you finding stupid expectations and taking off your guard?
The determination of your want isn’t at all easy.
Sometimes you’ll find your way leading to it.
BuT most of the times you’ll find your way lost never knowing
whether you want the things you’re in or you want the things
the other way around.
Or if ever you were given the choice.
But notwithstanding the choice, stupid expectations
still come your way.
Live with it.
To conquer one’s self
Is one of the greatest burdens of life.
Or is it just a matter of wanting things you least wanted?
Or least expected?

When wanting always leads to expecting,
you will realize that expecting is not always wanting.
And the problem goes on the latter story.
It will now come clear and easy.

And on second thought,
not at all.


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