The Legal Slim Shady

What does it take to be a Thomasian Lawyer?  Is it all ethical? Is it ipso facto conveyed at you when you graduate?  Is it something we should endeavor to champion in actual practice? Or is it something developed within the fortress of this Faculty?

We struggle through four or five years, even six, just to get a diploma certifying our degree in Bachelor of Laws.  Afterwards, and with all the prayers in this Earth, we tragically become lawyers. At one point in time, we will recall our beginnings and reminisce our law school days. And after sometime we will either continue biting the burger and watching MTV or take a deep breathe and look for the missing link.  The missing link becomes the “real slim shady” of this noble endeavor we are pursuing and in this Faculty in particular.

Technically, there is no major problem in the system and curriculum of our law school at present.  What is missing then? It is the substance.  We may excusably brand ourselves pro-forma Thomasian Lawyers.  Just like a pro-forma motion for reconsideration hastily filed just to beat time, just to make it appear it was filed.  Just to make it appear we went through the same line of professors, we went to the same law school.  What is more, if you are pro-forma, you are just like every average law student without identity for himself, without a substantially different outlook.  When a pro-forma lawyer is trapped in the middle of a motley crew, you’d expect him to be, in a very short span of time, eaten by that unruly crowd, and not, even showing to everyone your diploma, could take away your newly-found-brand, that is – you’re just like everybody else now.

Mixed struggles are, every now and then, made to extract a true-blooded formula on how to make the “real slim shady.”  Gone were the days that we were able to perfect and produce real Thomasian lawyers.  It is not that our ancestors have studied Roman Law that we should keep studying that subject in our curriculum just to make our studies at par with the rest of this Faculty’s history.  Roman Law is good.  Times have changed.  And so do the formula – if we ever had one.  Struggles, just as expected, will fail in time – as it do and will continuously do unless we get an all-time-fail-safe formula on how to make a Thomasian identity.

Blames were and are still thrown against professors and students alike.  For one thing, we have persons behind to share the blame with.  Unfortunately, the guilty people may not even realize their mistakes and blind adherence to false hopes and “witchcrafts.”  And with these facts and forecasts, we are just assured, we shall fail for eternity. This is a call to the new generation of law students.  You do not need this Faculty if in the long run you will just end up looking stoic like every other barrister does.  On the other hand, the Faculty is the one who needs you with high burning fervor.  The Faculty needs you to cooperate. Cooperation in the form of active participation in the plane of a good standing relationship.  Like we hope you cry and tell the world with all honesty if it hurts.

What does it take to be a “real slim shady”?  Or, of course, you may now continue with MTV.


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