Lilliputian Skies

In the midst of might and weeping
Tortuous imaginations and screaming
Within a handful of tears
This poignant thought appears
Flowing free and surreal
Outside hesitant unfinished thrills
Forcing saccharine lofty forgiveness
The many pictures of your smile
Ending every once and awhile
Through intense neutering feelings
Of deep sleepy August days
Slumbering deep every morning
Frilled glittering moonbeam
Across conduits subtle
The Sacrifice shall survive
And live each demise
And thrive to appease
Each ailing madness derive
Moving the lazy storm and deny
Seven thousand fiery Lilliputian skies
For when Reason exist colliding
The Passion resists deriding
Unwritten misery and stakes
Hoping someday it may be known
Though our tragedy be disowned.


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