A United Vigilance

A speech delivered as a matter of requirement during my summer 2005 class in the Ateneo de Naga University. Pardon the rethoric.

Not at all times given may one’s exercise of his right to speak will be accompanied by an equivalent right to be heard.  In behalf of myself, allow me to thank you all for making that equivalent right manifest itself, at least for today.


Fellow Filipino souls who are with me today in the Ateneo, good morning.


The greatest sins of our times were not committed by the minority who destroyed things and installed chaos but by the vast majority who simply sat idly by.  Everyday, while sulking in our quicksands of apathy, let us not forget that our Motherland, battered to pieces and shattered to void is waking us up from our disillusioned selves.  Can you hear her say… wake up! Wake up!


For not at all times God graces us with the presence of one Andres Bonifacio.  Not at all times our society will be blessed with a Ninoy Aquino or even a Claro M. Recto.  My countrymen, not every time!  It is with this realization that today we should no longer expect much on our prophets as we may have lost reserves in Heaven;  that we should be models of our own expectations; that we should learn to act with vigilance!


Ladies and gentlemen, unless we start planting vigilance, we can no longer be sure of the things that lie ahead for our beloved country.  When we start planting vigilance, we will be sure to have a fruitful future; what we sow is what we reap.  But just sitting in one corner and minding nothing but ourselves for ourselves by ourselves,  will surely bring about a divided state, planting a divided seed, reaping a divided fruit, and finally seeing a hapless motherland torn into pieces of individualism and swallowed by selfish personal ends.


Now I say we should not endeavor only with sheer vigilance, but rather with a unified vigilance.  One country, one purpose! One nation, one race! One fire, one struggle! One unselfish body for the greater glory of it all!  A unified vigilance today proposes a greater success for our country tomorrow!


Vigilance against crimes; vigilance against oppression; vigilance for freedom; vigilance for peace; and vigilance in our everyday lives as Filipinos!  With this we can slowly curb the illness of our Philippine society; the traditional cancer of this great Malayan race.  To put a stop to indolence, colonial mentality and too much tolerance to evil.   With this we can make our government act truly and in consonance with the wishes and hopes of the people.  With this we can say, we are truly building our future! our children’s future! And the future of this Motherland.  And what lies ahead will become much of the same question as what do we see today.


With a united vigilance, we can say we are truly making the stand of our lives.  That with all these equipped in our posterity we may finally march forward with high burning fervors that this road we Filipinos are trudging upon, that this cause our fallen heroes have tried to win, is the road and cause that will take us to a Philippines where it is not only worth dying for, but also all equivalently worth living for!


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