Quiapo Forever

Quiapo doesn't fail to get me all whining to disappear in this middle Earth.  I may seem "all whining" again.  And Quiapo never fails to make an after-shock.

I have been undergoing "on the job training" at the DOLE, Intramuros, Manila for almost three (3) weeks already.  You see we have to get some 200 hours of "legal training."  The whole course is doing fine, although I'm not getting anywhere close to my expectations of what "legal training" really is all about.  You do not get what you see in the books.  Or did I just fail to read between the lines?

What trifles with my blunder? Well, I don't know, I think it has something to do with false pretenses and mixed shortcomings coupled with a severe dyslexia between legal theory and actual practice.  Legal theory and actual practice, the way I see it, can never be stuck inside an elevator at the same time – no matter how hard you try – there will be no coincidence, ever.  This feeling is what you get when passion is chastised by reality under a stereotyped dogma.

Yet still on towards punching my time card for the last chance.  But I don't think I could punch the hallucinations I experienced forever.  Makes me want to recycle the paper.  Short of saying "Quiapo will always be Quiapo."


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