What is the meaning of life?

Yeah right. No one’s ever in the perfect position to say what life is all about. But there are people in the perfect position to say what life is about but only in their imperfect sense. I can only suggest that so long as there are human beings, billions or trillions of us here on earth… that’s how many? ________ That would be the number of definitions of life. Life is defined by every human being in its unique conception, in its own, by its very self.

One’s perception of what is life or what is its worth cannot be imposed to other than to the one saying it. You give me your definition of life… I give you mine. Although we might speak the same words about it, but it does not totally mean that we are talking about the same thing.

What is life to me? Life is our constant joy, all things we are happy with, we consider it life.. it is worth living for. The contrary makes the picture worth our despairs, and thus makes us say.. life isn’t worth it. Life is a never ending struggle.

That’s my sense of the word. What’s yours? To ask you is to affirm that yours (definition) is different. If life is a science, then like medicine… it is not a perfect science. There are no a+b=c ‘s for life. I can agree on one point, however. That is.. we define life by saying.. Life = DNA. Everyone’s DNA for that matter is different, so that unifies the concept. Nevertheless…No 2 DNAs are the same. Ergo, no 2 lives are the same.

Until yours.


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