Garbage in, garbage out!

Just for the meantime… I think I hate to say anything like “anything.” I couldn’t express much except with saying “nothing.” I know it really isn’t that hard to bluff and just whimper on everything. But I am just too sure we do not need another opinion about that. A thing leads to another and the latter comes back with a companion. And surely, inevitable thoughts like given karmas are more than fortuitous. So, just for the meantime, I opt to say peace. A “world peace” badge for me. This is not something to be proud of in silence. So, just for the meantime, allow me to vacate your curiosity. Sorry to disappoint you, I don’t owe you an explanation anyway. And nobody cares much about electricity wasted on thoughtless literary extravagance? Garbage in, garbage out. And yes I love nature and sure thing we should recycle. Garbage in, garbage out. What’s the point?


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