Or you should try it?

Here’s a letter I wrote in reply to a curious soul who wants to be cleared of his thought of entering the ever sulking world of law school:

Experience tells us that people in lawschool are on the crossroads of their lives. Law school takes on a constant change not only with the institution, the professors, but also and more importantly with the students – the real grassroots dwellers. Whatever lesson we learn from the classroom – we assume to have learned them like what experience would tell you in real life. Law school isn’t just a name. It’s like a program suited to entertain questions like.. “Where do I go from here..?” or “Who am I..?” or even “Why am I asking who am I..” things of these sorts.More…

I am already in my 5th year here in UST Law… I have experienced so many people who just came and who just went on with their lives without law school… To many.. the experience really is devastating… Emotionally, physically, mentally and socially.. not to mention financially. Name the “llys” you have it and you will.

To all these, one may think twice. If only for the experience… one would think thrice.. If only to make it as an excuse not to work, I suggest, make a better reason out of it. Your foundation is your belief in yourself. If you believe that to enrol in lawschool is just to cater some frolicking in the “after-college” world without a care – a bum, I suggest you better go and play some level-up game… at least you can sell your character after the tedious internet hours spent making owners of other characters believe they are weaker.

I mean lawschool is not a nuclear testing phase. You know what will always happen with a bomb. It will explode.

I hope you have noticed. The answer to all your bickerings about a simple advise.. is “I don’t personally know.” Try your luck. There are even regular third year students who call it quits. I have seen many. And all these times I don’t know what to tell them people.

As for me, I can find a job.. but upon reaching 25 last summer and for staying 5 years in law school… I blew my chance to be even hired in SM… As you know we have the “18-25” rule in most of the major business establishments.

That’s all for now. I hope I contributed to your wandering – something you do not as yet know for a fact.

Peace. / S.S.

P.S.: The late Chief Justice Roberto Concepcion wanted to be a priest. His father bullied him to become a lawyer. And he became the best UST has ever produced. And the same story for many more people – too many to tell.

-End of Letter-


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