The Historical Excuse

People always say how history repeats itself – comparing events and circumstances and concluding that deja vu has just occured before their very eyes. I also share almost the same phenomena every now and then. However, after reflecting for awhile if this “historical repetition” is really possible, I realized that it is not really so. Our common notion is – like any other notions – just defensible on face value.

Isn’t it not that history cannot repeat itself? Isn’t it not that history does not exist anymore in the present? If we repeat history – we repeat the past. The optimist will realize that relating history and telling it to generations to come serves as a warning that lessons must be learned and people must understand and never commit the mistakes made in the past. But aren’t we just oversimplifying ignorance? People are capable of deliberate ignorance. History can repeat itself as more real than fiction – but we can only survive another blow. In believing that history repeats itself we are trying to conceal our ignorance as a body politic.

Are we supposed to repeat history? Is it just a fortuituous event? I believe it is not. I believe history is not capable of repetition – on the other side of the coin – I believe that it is the people who are capable of repetitive deliberate ignorance and selfishness to the calls of the general welfare. But I cannot conclude any further – until then – let’s refrain from repeating the misconception.


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