Lately, I have been hooked on having a-little-wine-a-day habit.  I must confess I am just fascinated by the idea that it is good for the heart.  I don’t know if I must consult some dietitian or something for this idea.  Nevertheless, I don’t think just a very little amount a day could hurt. Red wine’s a good match during meals – especially this Christmas season when temperature gets really stone cold low.

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The health effects of wine (and alcohol in general) are the subject of considerable ongoing study. In the USA, a boom in red wine consumption was touched off in the 1990s by ‘60 Minutes‘, and other news reports on the French paradox.

There have been many studies done that actually show that alcohol can be very beneficial to ones health as long as it is consumed in moderation. The FDA has suggested that one to two glasses of red wine might help reduce one’s cholesterol and decrease the chances of cancer. Studies have even shown that alcohol might benefit many bodily organs, including the heart and the brain.


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