EXORCISM: Casting the stupid devil away

Encounters with the Paranormal and the OccultRecently, I purchased a book by Fr. Jose Francisco “Fr. Jocis” Syquia (P350.00 yes) entitled EXORCISM: Encounters with the Paranormal and the Occult published last year 2006.

The official site of Shepherd Voice Publications, Inc., the book’s publisher, says that Fr. Syquia’s book will “wipe away your fears!” Fears of what? The demon and its stupid minions, tricks and all. Further, quoting from the website, it says that “[j]ourney with Fr. Jocis, an official exorcist of the Catholic Church, and uncover how God’s power -and the truth –defeats the hidden world of evil spirits.” Definitely, it adds, the book is a “must read for all Catholics.”

I have not yet finished reading it but I can already say that something has grown in me. I can say that it’s a growth that brings my spirit and glory closer to God. I am taking my time to finish said book so that I can truly understand its import in the context of learning a very basic but important tenet in my faith as a Roman Catholic.

While reading, though, many will experience several realizations that never occurred before in one’s entire life. Fr. Jocis’ book discusses the topic of demonic possessions, demons, mangkukulams, haunted houses, kapre, etc. in a very strategic presentation. One will learn that as the reading progresses, your faith also becomes enlightened. The book started with the basic issues, light problems and develops into a more complexed and intense discussion of the topic. In addition, the book has its educational concept – to bring into the proper perspective one’s beliefs and disbeliefs about exorcism and the devil.

Notably, in every Chapter, there is his number of accounts of personal stories narrating his experiences in the exorcism ministry. And after each narration comes a sub-chapter regarding the Official Teachings of the Church. Also, he quotes from authoritative sources ranging from learned books written by former renowned exorcists, saints and popes in addition to Bible verses and several prayers.

I have shared this book with several friends and they immediately showed interest regarding the topic. Truly, every Christian cannot escape the thought of deliverance from the demon’s hold and its preternatural powers.

Lastly, I can say that I share the same thought as what this customer in the said site has written, and I quote:


This book will really change your view in life. Before I read the book, I fear demons.Now, I understand that THEY should fear me because i am a son of God. The stories are interesting that I reread the book all over again. Now I can say to myself that I am a better Catholic now.

PS: I just bought it last April 3.
PPS: I do not intend any form of advertisement whatsoever in favor of the said publisher or its website. It is just that I want you all to know of the existence of this printed matter.


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