The Law School Experience (part 2)

Looking for my kind of law school.

In the Philippiines, we have this stereotyping of law schools.  Stereotyping by quality and fame.  The most quality-packed and famous is, of course, the College of Law of the University of the Philippines (UP).  UP is the finest public tertiary school one may have as a choice for quality education.  On top of that branding, the quality is offered with the minimal tuition fee, so to speak, as compared with private law schools.  I maintain, however, that there is absolutely no need to compare and judge schools in this discourse.  Point is, I opted to take the law school entrance exam at UP (coined UPLAE) hoping that I’d pass the same.

On the scheduled date of examination, parents and examinees alike wait eagerly for the exam’s start.  The exam is a half-day affair.  Until finally we were asked to fall in line so that we may pass swiftly and orderly into our designated examination rooms.  While on the line, fraternity members in UP come promoting their fraternities either with a “UPLAE How-to-pass Tips” or with a tap on the shoulder saying “Congratulations, you will make it.”  That’s one way of advertisement for incoming freshmen.  Of course, it’s healthy.  At least we can have an idea of what lies ahead in this examination.

What I didn’t know (and I think I’m the only person who doesn’t know) is that there are my entities giving review lectures on how to pass UPLAE.  Anyway, that’s a realization that came much later on.  How ignorant of me not to know right?  Well, I’m not from Manila.  I hailed from the province, enough excuse for me not to know anything going on in the big city.

The UPLAE was really a tough one.  Aside from the freezing exam rooms, the tests given were not just a simple IQ test for idiots thing.  It has this effect of telling you that UPLAE is a serious business as is the school as is the curriculum and all.  Well, browsing on the first sets of questions, I already decided my fate.  I have no room in this law school.  During intervals, instead of taking time answering questions I have not yet answered, I go to the CR.  I mean it, it’s really freezing.

To be continued…


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