The Law School Experience (part1)

When I was young. 

When I was young, I  have this thought implanted by my grandfather that I should become the next President of the Philippines.  The joke is on me.  I have to play the role of a would-be President.  It’s funny then waving my hand like what a real President does when he is in public.  And so they liked it back home.  Nowadays, it’s embarassing now tell and act the same thing before a different crowd (even back home).  This, I think made my first impressions of becoming a lawyer for that matter.  President Marcos was a brilliant lawyer himself.  I do not deny, of course, that I still dream of becoming another wannabe-brilliant-lawyer.  But that’s another story.

Pre-law days.

In the Philippines when we say pre-law we mean the 4-year course complete of the standard “12-units in English..” things that you have to have before being eligible to enrol in a law school.  Mine’s a meager BS Accountancy degree as pre-law.  I did not intend to become an accountant.  The thing is, it was my adviser in my senior years in highschool coupled by my ever taunting parents that instead of taking up Political Science or the newly opened Legal Management (in Ateneo de Naga University) back then, I should take Accountancy.  Right.  So be it.  I finished the course just in time not minding whether I could use what I learned in Accountancy or not.  All I cared about is making it to law school, finally.

So after graduating, I embarked on this trend of “getting a license” as an Accountant first before taking up law school.  That is not among my plans.  I honestly scrammed reviewing for the Board Exams for CPA’s.  Obviously, I did not make it.  A fact I am to endure until today.  Why? Because people always ask “…so you’re a CPA?”  I don’t know how many “No, I’m not” answers I already said as of this time.  And everytime this question is asked, I know for sure, that this won’t be the last person to ask this stupid question.  For chrissake… there are many more important things to ask about.. I’m not bitter, or maybe so, I am just bored by the question and of course guilty of wasting my time blaming myself for this immature faults.  So, we may move on.

To be continued…


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