A Real Ghost Shot

These pictures were taken from a digital camera of one of my batchmates during our retreat @ Caleruega, Batangas, Philippines.  They were taken @ night around 10PM just near the entrance of the hanging bridge somewhere in Caleruega.  The unholy ghost can be seen near the tree at the left side of PHOTO 3.  You may zoom to best view the eerie figure.  I included the three successive pictures to let you analyze it further.   In my own opinion, it’s an unholy ghost.  The signs and events were clear… my batchmates were not supposed to be there and summon the spirits by shouting as if daring them to show up (PHOTO 1)  And, so, to everyone’s surprise… something showed up.

IMPORTANT: This picture is NOT edited other than resizing it to fit in the styles of this blog’s space.  Anyway, I placed links where you can view the pictures in their original sizes.

without a clue

PHOTO 1: “Without a clue.”


Summoning the unholy spirits

PHOTO 2: “Summoning the unholy spirits.



The ghost

PHOTO 3: “The ghost.





PHOTO 3a:  Zoomed


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