Just Finished Political Law (1st and 2nd Readings)

I had 2 weeks reading and trying to finish reading Political Law subject for the Bar Exams this year.  That lame 2 weeks ended today.  My next subject on my list is Labor Law and Social Legislation.  Anyway, I read the following materials for Political Law:

1) Bernas, Constitutiohal Law Reviewer (2006)

2) Nachura, Reviewer in Political Law (2006)

3) Libertas et Iusticia Notes on Public International Law (2007)

4) Gorospe, Constitutional Law Cases (2002-2007)

5) Sandoval, QnA in Political Law (the 400+ questions that is)

I don’t know with the rest of you guys if it’s worth it, but for me it is worth the waste of time.  How about the 3rd and probably the last reading?  Well…. I reserve that on the pre-week schedule.  I hope I can still manage with all the eight subjects in our sorry heads by that time.

My plan for Labor Law is a simple 10-day (maximum) 1st and 2nd readings. The list of materials that I’ll be using for Labor Law isn’t yet final but the books of Azucena and Alcantara will surely be on it.  Disini’s Labor Law handouts from UP (as I see it) will be of great help – especially the latest decisions on the topic.

Just started… 😀


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