A working barrister

This won’t do, and so they shook their heads. 

I decided to be employed in the government while reviewing for the bar.  And I am self-reviewing.  Whether this is for the good or for the better, I don’t know. The twist and turn of events in my life has brought me this far.  God won’t let me down.

And my motto for the bar? “Bahala na si Batman!”  At this stage, I am practising a self-inflicted discipline – not to let a day pass without reading anything.  Reading materials capable of providing me a maximum retention of the topics.  Will this work?  Again, I don’t know.

I hastily finished taxation law review (third subject I reviewed for this bar).  I know I should get back to it as soon as august comes.  At present, I am breezing through SB Assoc. Justice Edilberto Sandoval’s Pointers in Criminal Law… accompanied by the latest rulings of the SC and the 2006 Juvenile Delinquency Act.  Criminal law is the fourth subject that I am reviewing for this bar.

Last June 21, the SC held that there is no more crime of frustrated theft.  It is a decision promulgated en banc. … it may be asked… anything may be asked… so I’ll just stay as normal as I can. .. no need to panic.  Also, there is the 2006 Anti-Terrorism Act.  I’m just keeping things in mind now..

This might do… and should it, I will definitely have to thank all of you.


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