A Big Play of Words

The world is a big play, a big play of words.

Once upon a time and once every nightfall after, the fire, water, earth and wind elementals became super complicated beaten to every formerly inconceivable bit becoming ultimately complicated to the next level as we breathe and minced further to microscopic-inconceivability as the world revolves around the familiar heat of the sun.

Ideas, beliefs, convictions, theories, practices, movements, causes, and a combined penultimate madness were once just a simple word.  And what is it? Nothing.

We have made everything out of nothing.  And in the end we will ask why is everything so boring and nothing seems to be the most sought after recourse.

You will say “nothing compares..” “nothing else” and when asked what do you want… you will have to answer “nothing.”

I thought it was just a single predicament of overrated phobias.  But it wasn’t at all like that, not even close to the farthest point of possible light contact.  It’s draining me to think why how many things are borne out of just nothing.

The mother of all inventions? Inventions or discoveries are merely matters of recognition.  That fire and water to the nth level may appear beautiful on the outside and handy on the inside.  Moving objects that were once intangible literally or just not so literally.

How many possible ways can we peel the sorry potato?

Words have built institutions, destroyed countries, races and religions.  It is the only cause which have kept mankind on the brink of annihilation.  We thought we were so advanced, but still we cannot be so until we have devised something to free us from the elementals.  We are the same organic humans who without these are nothing but a wandering living thing without a permanently secured place in the logic of nature.

The world.  A big play of words.  How many ways can we show this? Why reality is not always real.  And why the hell we are so divided.  Taking sides with everything convenient and self-serving.  A play without any rules or referees.  A play without any winner in the end but nothingness with ice cream on the top.

Democracy and communism were originally meant to be a recurrent New Year’s Resolution for King John, Marx and Engels.  Mighty words in the abstract which when translated into categorical physics are mere equivalents of either food or shelter. 

Give us food.  Give us shelter.  Water, fire, earth and wind.  Nothing more but this.  Nothing at its best.  But who cares? The world is playing.

Graphics by: Isilmetriel of deviantart.com


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