2nd Sunday of the 2007 Bar Exams


Things were really getting so difficult to answer. I swear last Sunday (9th Sept) you can see more barristers crying compared to the first (2nd Sept). No, I did not join them. But I did join the grief. It is as if I can see a pattern of events – a prediction of how worse the last two (3rd and 4th) Sundays are going to be. Doooooomsday!

Alright, we freaked out. I really am not sure if I am exaggerating or just too tired to think about it a second time.

The 2nd Sunday went as swiftly as the 1st. Both gave me severe cephalgia (getting used to the feeling of dragging your body to bed as soon as you come home and picking yourself up in the morning only to find out how beautiful the world is without … ah forget it!).

My observations:

In Civil Law, there were no questions (except a 2% true or false) regarding the Family Code. That’s right. No question. The rest were okay, but were not expected. For example? A whole 10 points for a question involving Land Titles and Deeds. Wow. And yet again, nothing from the Family Code.

Taxation Law was a desert of things other than tax remedies! In the desert, you can see the authority of the Revenue District Officer (RDO), BIR Rulings, and Expanded Withholding Tax, among others. My general impression was that we were taking the 2007 BIR Tax Quiz.

On to the 3rd Sunday? Definitely!

Alive? Not quite sure.

St. Jude, pray for us.

(graphics by: scraches of deviantart.com)


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