3rd Sunday of the 2007 Bar Exams


The 3rd set of exams (16 September) was (so far) the fairest of them all. No one cried (or just maybe I saw nobody cried). Yes, the bar exams is about crying. I am beginning to entertain that thought these days.

Oh, did I? OK, I lied. I cried a tear. Just a tear. It dropped. I read the questions in Mercantile Law and it dropped. At that moment after I hurriedly browsed every page, I thanked God then it dropped. It felt good. Just that one drop and it felt exactly like a warm weekend lying by the beach with a beer at one hand and a happy thought in your head. There are really things that wouldn’t manifest its possibility until you are caught between the choice of either denying it or indulging in the reality that it is, as concrete as your defiance, happening here and now. I loved it. And I haven’t realized how much I needed it.

Well, enough of the dramatic entrance, and as I’ve said, this 3rd set is so far the best set. Why? Because the questions were fairly and logically crafted in a manner that you can more or less approximate a bar candidate’s knowledge of the subject. If you have already seen the questions (it’s in the Supreme Court website) in Mercantile Law, there were two (2) items in Corporation Law – problem-type. Each has 10 points. There was only one item involving Negotiable Instruments Law – 10points. Fair in a sense that in the undergraduate curriculum, Corporation Law has 5 units and Negotiable Instruments Law has 2 units. That should be the manner of measuring a bar candidate’s ability or at least, as I have said, approximate it.

Criminal Law has got the least number of pages so far. Only 5 – including the cover page. How’s that? 🙂 And there were 10 items with 10 points each. No hassles. And against the expectations, there was only one question on a special law – Dangerous Drugs Act.

I do not claim to have answered correctly every question propounded before my sorry brain (self-declared brain) last Sunday. I just mean to thank the bar examiners for Mercantile and Criminal Laws for being professional about it. For not bragging about anything that he and only he knows of or even cared for. FOR THE EXAMINER: May you have many more birthdays to come! Humayo ka at magpakarami! Haha! 🙂

And we are all set to sail on to the next and final round – the dreaded Fourth Sunday of the Bar. I hope this will be my last Bar Sunday ever.

St. Jude pray for us. I love you mom!


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