Optibus Prime

United BusThis is a dilapidated bus I saw today somewhere at the back portion of the House of Representatives (HoR) Compound.

I think it used to be one of the official transports of our Congressmen because it has the HoR official logo.

What is queer about this bus is that it is parked beside a tree at the middle of one of the grassy areas of the compound. Strictly speaking, that is not the proper place to park “Optibus” Prime. It is not even close to be called an art for whatever sake.

In a matter of seconds… my mind began wandering through time. Hehe.

I have this idea though that this lonely bus somewhat represents a lonely past. Creepy. I have this idea in mind – a story… Once upon a time the Filipino people wished to have a government – one country, one goal. In a far, far away kingdom lives…. ok and so nowadays we have a bicameral house (Senate and HoR) which is further divided into parties (Political parties, party-list, solo party and party everywhere). Not a happy ending. So what do you think? Nowadays we have a government… a divided government… it is their artful profession – but not even close to be called an art for whatever sake. The Optibus Prime is a symbol of the present-day government. Full of bickering and quandaries. One country, divided goal. Result? Obvious.

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Photo: edited with HP Photosmart


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