The quandary which wrought havoc may have been that deafening silence all along. Makes sense? Think again. The story continues and the time catchers go on with its unwilling preys. Once you are in that quandary, all the noise and whines in your troubled soul become a sweet silence and silence becomes your best friend.


In the final analysis, a little knowledge may not be that painful after all. For what do you know with pain if you only knew this much in this world? And when what you know may not have been that material at all? Or is it really true that the question is exclusive of the answer – independent from the beginning until the final resolve?


With this little much that I have, let me re-examine this life. This whatever life. This life that was given to me by another life who has already passed this sorry world. Evey time is the time. And until we don’t seem to see that point anymore, we shall forever pursue this justifiable existence of constant change. I still see the point. And I don’t know if I should be happy with the view. Not seeing it wouldn’t help much either.


So, we move on.


It always is a better feeling when you remember happy thoughts. Some essences of life can really be appreciated only when you’re not dwelling on the truth. Truth hurts. Reality bites. And it somehow is a better feeling to lie. Even when it entails the most foolish act of getting yourself caught in a large scale consummation of perpetually defrauding yourself.


Happiness is such a lonely word.




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