Capturing Poverty

I know that some photos create strong statements. Capturing poverty is becoming one of my favorite subjects nowadays. There are times when we get tired of thinking and reading about theories bordering on absolute abstracts. This photo was taken along Recto Ave. (formerly Azcarraga), Manila. It is amazing how our country’s premiere city exhibit many of these sights. And the best thing about it is that the government has shown a lot of interest in disregarding the view. Only in papers are we good. Only in dreams are we nice. Yes, we do agree with the difficulty of times and the mixture of conflicting interests. But at this point and with this sight, have we tried to assess how far have we grown as a society? More excuses than solid triumphs and better reasons.

Take a look. I know.

Once again just yet.

We are only good at repeating our mistakes. And make others exhilaratingly suffer for it.


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