Joys of Simplest Complicity

THE WORLD IS GETTING SMALLER EACH TIME. But I am yet to experience at least a squandered part of it. I am in my early existence and my mind tells me the need to explore what’s left for me to inherit from this earth. There are just so many things to do and yet much of these are left to me as mere daydreams too many to surmise for my little self to harness. Technology is getting weirder each day though it never fails to amuse. For whoever has brought consciousness to mankind has only experienced the most ancient advances of it. The solicitudes of today’s living has for its part surpassed the maximum of imaginations of yesteryears. I do not know if this is luck, comfort, good life or just the suddenness of being here armed with all the intricacies of post-modern life. I have this feeling of getting tired of bearing this consciousness. Transformation cannot be so rude. Sometimes it is better to look at things in a different perspective. I sometimes take a peek on alternative shades to view a real and all-time essential tone.

There are cures to a malady of this kind. If man gets tired of hanging around with the world then the world needs to reinvent itself not man. But are we all set for this sudden mixing of opposites? Time isn’t changing. What the geniuses may have forgotten was that time was meant to work over and over again. What we are remains pure and time cannot change anything. I think that time is the greatest illusion ever discovered. Time stood at some lonely corner of our existence trying to remind us that, really, nothing has changed.

Or is man to be destroyed by the very material that made him survive? Are we defeated by our own stronghold? Our mind? To what end?

And in the midst of these wailings are voices of motley crowd. I cannot but spill. Where are we going? What are we looking for? And when we get some realizations, do we still pause and look back? Mankind has reached the end of the end. We are already in the era of space – the next journey after the end. A space where there are no boundaries but the mortality of our poor souls. We have reached this point in time where the idea of summing it all up would be useless. The areas of concern become infinite and every bit of generalities are being constantly mined to the bone.

Queer but I see the human will as humanity’s ultimate quest. The ultimate quest has ended the very moment man has begun to look for it. Have we not understood the signs? There are things meant to be left unsolved. To push further on space is pointless. We cannot waste away the chance of enjoying this inheritance on the now. To regret is the most dim-witted act one has to undergo. I cannot risk having regrets later on. The time is now. The moment is here. I am on to the journey towards understanding what the point is for this and all. And when this journey ends, I shall confess how I have squandered that part of the world – the world itself.

This is a toast to the simplest complicity. Too, the joys of being a child forever and a day.


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